Standard Installation

Standard Installation

Standard Back to Back Installation

The standard back to back installation covers 90% of our installs.

Note: if your installation falls outside the standard installation, that is ok; however, your project will incur extra costs. In this case, the easiest way forward is to send us details of your project using our contact us > page. Or if you understand what is required to complete your installation, continue through to checkout and put a note on your order, i.e. "An additional 3M of gas pipe is needed to complete my installation I will pay the installer directly."

Note: extras can be paid directly to your contractor

Back to back definition

  • Single story, the indoor and outdoor unit are directly behind each. No more than 3m of pipework (add $57 per m for extra).
  • Double story, the indoor and outdoor unit require no more than 5m of Pipework.
  • Ceiling access, to wire your Heat pump to the mains board.
  • Conventional walls easy drill construction, i.e., weatherboard brick veneer. Not double block.
  • Flat area for the outdoor unit to site on (2X 450X450mm pavers are included).
  • Gravity fed condensation drain can run down.

Standard Installation Example

  • Gas pipe work under 3M.
  • Ceiling is accessible to wire unit to power supply.
  • Conventional weatherboard/brick walls to drill for all pipework.
  • Condensation drain is running down.

2M Non Back to Back example

In this example, we take a look at a non-back to back interior wall installation.

  • Gaspipe work over 3M, additional 2M required (estimated $114.
  • Ceiling is accessible to wire unit to power supply.
  • Conventional weatherboard/brick walls to drill for all pipework.
  • Condensate drain is running up so Requires a Condensate pump (estimate $200-400).

Material Included

  • Insulated R410a Gas Pipe (copper), 3m single story, and 5m for double.
  • Interconnecting cables, from internal Heat Pump head to external compressor.
  • Gravity fed Drain hose, constant Flexi drain.
  • UV resistant trunking Duct, 1 x Duct and 1 x Wall Caps, in cream plastic. 90mm sized (100mm hi-flow extra).
  • Electrical Certificate of Compliance.
  • 2 x 450mm x 450mm concrete pavers for the outdoor unit.
  • All fixings.

Not Included

  • Decommissioning and removal of existing Heat Pump.
  • Installation of Heat Pumps in locations other than specified herein -charges will apply.
  • Installation of indoor unit on an internal wall, a condensate water lift pump and extra drain hose will be required (estimate $200-$400).
  • Additional travel charges may apply.

Notes from the installer:

  • We require clear access to the installation area.
  • A flat area for the external unit to sit on.
  • Standard home construction brick veneer, timber frame with a ceiling cavity.
  • Extras labour charges will apply to drill through double brick construction, concrete panel type.

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