Remote Control-Quick Guide

Remote Control-Quick Guide

Heat Pump Remote & Cleaning Guide and how to reset your filter light

Remote Front:

The fan option increases the output of air, each time you push the fan button the output of air will increase.

Set your Heat Pump to 19°C for a comfortable room temperature.

Do not run your Heat Pump at 30°C as it is unlikely to reach this and will use unnecessary amounts of energy

If you are feeling too hot, try turning the temperature down rather than turning off your Heat Pump. Your unit will then ramp down and will not have to use as much energy bringing the room back up to the set temperature.

Even without adjusting the temperature your unit may stop blowing air. This means it has reached the temperature set on your remote and has ramped down to conserve energy

Remote Back:

In winter when you are heating, set your mode to the sun icon. In the summer when you are cooling, set your mode to the snowflake icon.

The best way to run your Heat Pump is to use the timer and program it to turn on an hour before you come home or get up. This will help keep running costs down as most of the energy is used bringing the room to temperature - once it has reached this, the unit will ramp down and this is when it’s at its most efficient.

If on a frosty morning your indoor unit shuts down, it will be because the outdoor unit is in defrost mode (the outdoor unit is frozen). Leave it running and your indoor unit will restart again after a few minutes. Do not restart your unit durring this process.

Filter Cleaning:

Heat Pumps not only keep you comfortable they also reduce dust in the air. The dust is collected in the Pre-Filters and these need to be vacuumed every few months and can also be washed under water if needed.

We recommend your Heat Pump should be serviced annually. All aspects of the Heat Pump are checked and the operation is tested to ensure it is operating as per its design and capacity. A clean unit runs efficiently and prevents musty odours being emitted.

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