How to Make A Warranty Claim

How to Make A Warranty Claim

How to Make A Warranty Claim:

1. Contact your Installer.

2. If you don't know who your Installer was, telephone 0800 TZWARRANT (0800 899 2772), with your model description and serial number and we will advise who the Installer was. So you can then contact them directly.

The warranty is subject to the Terms & Conditions laid out in the Warranty document.

The Warranty agreement is between Temperzone & the Installer, not Temperzone and the end user. Therefore your first point of contact is the Installer.

Outdoor Units Installed in Corrosive Environments

No heat pump manufacturer allows warranty for corrosion under such circumstances, and we are no different. We do not have a stipulated exclusion zone around the coast of NZ like other brands, but we recommend the Installer advise their client's if there is an obvious risk of corrosion from salt spray or sulphurous atmosphere. In this case, the Installer should advise an aftermarket protective coating, even though all our outdoor unit coils are coated against corrosion, and site the unit out of the prevailing wind, or advise that a small barrier is erected to protect the unit. The Installer should also advise about regular maintenance including, washing down the outdoor unit, applying a protective propriety polish (car polish), etc. Refer also to the maintenance instructions supplied with your unit.

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