Installation Cost

Installation Cost

Heat pump NZ installation cost

How much to install a Heat Pump in New Zealand?

A standard heat pump installation in New Zealand will cost between $750-$850 including GST. What is important is that installation meets warranty requirements and get a COC (Electrical Code Of Compliance)

Standard installation

A standard installation is back to back, i.e., the installation of the indoor and outdoor unit is opposite each other for comprehensive details (link to standard installation). Every additional meter requires additional copper piping electrical cabling capping plus labour at the cost of $57.50 per meter.

Step 2, Select location has details on the mechanical requirements

Part of the Hitachi Warranty, is conditional on:

The air conditioning unit having been installed by a qualified person in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions, New Zealand regulations and the EECA “Good Practice Guide. Heat Pump Installation” booklet.


1. Installed following manufacturers instructions Link
2. New Zealand regulation, electrical COC
3. EECA "good Practice Guide" Link

To protect you and offer you the best deals

We have a contract with your contractor to help keep you safe. If you want, you can copy and print this list for your installer to sign. Link

Our installer

1. Offers Guaranteed quality workmanship that is compliant with building laws and regulations
2. Qualified and registered with the NZ electrical association
3. 95% of Heat Pumps are installed within ten days of purchase
4. Has Public Liability Insurance
5. Installations meet the EECA good practice guide
6. Accredited with Hitachi.
7. Has Health and safety policies and procedures under the new H&S Act 2016

DIY Heat Pump installation

If you do not meet warranty installation requirements, we do not recommend DIY installation. However, you do not need to use our contractor.

Once you purchase your unit, you will be contacted within 24 hours to book the delivery and the installation of your Heat Pump.

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