Service DIY

Service DIY

This is a comprehensive DIY Heat Pump service guide. By reading this, you will learn how to service your Heat Pump and how often you should service it.

If you are after info about having your, Heat Pump serviced by  a professional [click here]

Do Heat Pumps need maintenance? 

In theory, Heat Pumps do not require much maintenance, and a simple DIY service is sufficient. If you clean your filters regularly, and air can flow through the coils (radiator), and nothing is blocking your outdoor unit, your Heat Pump should be running fine. If you think something could be wrong with your unit, check out our troubleshooting guide. [click here]

How often should you service your Heat Pump?

Cleaning your filters should be completed every 2-4 months. The large time range is used because every home has and every room has a different amount of filter-blocking dust. When you have a new Heat Pump installed, I recommend that you check the filter every month and clean the filter when it looks a little blocked.

DIY Heat Pump Service Disclaimer, follow the instructions.

Clean Your Filters/Check the Coil

The single biggest cause of poor Heat Pump performance is blocked or clogged filters. It's an easy task. In most cases, just extract the filters and clean them under a tap or vacuum and wipe them with a damp cloth. Your heat pump will be more effective and use less power if it doesn't have to struggle with dirty filters. Check your coils for grease and dust buildup.

Clean the Outdoor Unit's Coil

To help extend the life and performance of your Heat Pump, give the outdoor unit's finned coil a spray with a hose to remove any dirt and salt spray buildup. Remove any dead leaves, cobwebs, or other debris that could obstruct air flow or the drain holes in the base of the unit. This should be completed on a regular basis, e.g. annually or more frequently if you live close to the sea.

Remove obstructions from the outdoor unit. Make sure there is always a clear pathway for air to enter from the rear, and exit the front of the outdoor unit. This will help ensure maximum efficiency of your heat pump.

Heat Pump Service Checklist

  • Remove and clean filters and check the coil, 2-12 weeks 
  • Outdoor unit is not obstructed (prune plants), 6-12 months 
  • Hose down the outdoor unit and coil, 6-12 months

A comprehensive trade service checklist is coming up.

How much should a Heat Pump service cost? If you do it yourself, it will cost you nothing. A complete trade service could cost you anywhere from $90-$130.

Heat Pump Yearly Maintenance 

If you service your heat pump, it should not require any more maintenance. There are exceptions such as if your unit is in an area that is exposed to cooking smoke grease that can block the coil.

Comprehensive Trade Service Checklist 

  • Check and clean air filters (replace if required for a small fee) 
  • Clean and disinfect heat exchangers inside and out to eliminate bacteria
  • Check the electrical circuit and connections
  • Replace remote batteries
  • Check the system's general operations
  • Check for abnormal noise/vibrations and obstructions
  • Check air on/off temperature readings
  • Check for visual refrigerant leaks
  • Check drain pipe or condensate pump operation (if fitted)
  • Check system diagnostics
  • Check for signs of rust or corrosion
  • Clean all unit covers, indoors and out

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