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How to maintain your Heat Pump, How often should you service it, repair vs. replace, and a checklist to show what needs to be completed.

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How often should I have my Heat Pump serviced? 

Trick question! If you service your Heat Pump yourself, a Heat Pump does not require servicing. However, a neglected system will not last nearly as long. To get the most out of your system, it must be clean and fault FREE. This is where having your Heat Pump serviced will save you in the long run. Most people wash their filters (Check DIY Service Guide) and have it serviced once every 12 months.

Repair vs. service vs. 

Like a car, a Heat Pump is a mechanical machine with moving parts, and each part has a life span that will eventually come to an end. You need to ask yourself is it worth spending money to keep it going or do you invest in a new model, that will cost less run and, look better, etc. 

Service vs. repair?

If your unit is not working properly, it may need a repair. Something you need to consider when thinking about having your Heat Pump serviced is that Heat Pumps do not last forever, and it may not be worth the service investment. For example, if a gas leak is found ($200-$400), the repair amount could be better spent on a new unit.

Our contractor is accredited for the following brands: Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi, Karda, Toshiba, Panasonic, Kent, LG, DeLonghi, and Carrier.

Heat Pump Service Checklist

  • Check and clean air filters (replace if required for a small fee) 
  • Clean and disinfect heat exchangers inside and out to eliminate bacteria
  • Check the electrical circuit and connections Replace remote batteries
  • Check the system's general operations
  • Check for abnormal noise/vibrations and obstructions
  • Check air on/off temperature readings
  • Check for visual refrigerant leaks
  • Check drainpipe or condensate pump operation (if fitted)
  • Check system diagnostics
  • Check for signs of rust or corrosion
  • Clean all indoor and outdoor unit covers


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