Hitachi Warranty

Hitachi Warranty

Hitachi Heat Pump Warranty-

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Thank you for choosing a Hitachi heat pump / air conditioner. We are sure that, with a little care and routine maintenance, you will experience many years of air conditioned comfort. Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the operational procedures outlined in the User’s manual and to read this Warranty Document.

This Warranty Covers:

Hitachi Heat pump/air conditioners imported by Temperzone Ltd and purchased and installed in New Zealand. Items found to be defective within the warranty period of the air conditioning unit’s original purchase date will be repaired or replaced by a Temperzone authorised person during normal business hours without cost to the owner for the parts and direct repair labour.

Warranty Period (Parts, Labour & Compressor)

Product Range


Ras & RAM Series*

6 (3)

Utopia Premium Inverter Series *

6 (3)

Utopia IVX & Set Free Series **


* 3 Years for high usage applications (e.g. computer server rooms)
** IVX/Set Free must be commissioned by a Hitachi trained Installer or Temperzone to qualify for warranty

It is conditional on:

1.The air conditioning unit having been installed by a qualified person in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions, New Zealand regulations and the EECA “Good Practice Guide. Heat Pump Installation” booklet.

2. The equipment having been regularly maintained by a qualified person in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions

It does not apply if:

1. The serial number of the unit has been defaced, removed or altered.

2. Problems are result of the use of components not supplied by Temperzone Ltd.

3. The damage is caused by accident, misapplication, abuse, alteration or tampering.

4. The damage is caused by faulty external wiring, incorrect or fluctuating power supply, or any outside electromagnetic interference.

5. The damage is caused by a failure to clean filters and clear drains or keep the units clear of obstructions.

6. The system is installed in a mobile application (e.g. caravan, boat, crane).

7. The unit is used other than for the heating and cooling of air for human comfort – unless

8. The system has been re-installed at any location other than the original location

It does not cover:

1. Consequential damage or loss, eg personal inconvenience, hireage of temporary air conditioning.

2. Consumable items such as filters, belts, and batteries.

3. Field wiring, condensate drain pipes or refrigerant pipe runs between units

4. Any deterioration to the casing, coil, pipework, joints and electronics caused by using the unit in a corrosive environment.

5. Normal annual servicing costs.

6. Damage caused by storm, fire, flood, vandalism, earthquake, lightning strike, vermin or any other outside agency.

7. Cost incurred because of restricted or unsafe access to the equipment.

8. Freight and travel charges for repairs outside the area normally serviced by the installer.

9. Incorrect operation of equipment as per the User’s manual instructions.


To comply with the terms of the Warranty, your air conditioner needs to be serviced by a qualified person in

accordance with the manufacturer’s Installation & Maintenance Instructions.

Before making a warranty claim please read the following:

1. Please familiarise yourself with the operation’s manual as common problems and solutions are listed

2. Are filters and drains clear? It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure equipment is maintained

3. Are batteries in the remote controller OK? It is the owner’s responsibility to replace batteries

4. Has the power supply been reset to the equipment

5. Are both the indoor and outdoor units free of any obstructions? Is the airflow clear?

6. Have you contacted your installer or service company regarding the problem?

How to make a warranty claim


1. Ensure all details below have been completed below – you will need to provide them when making a claim

2. Contact your Installer or air conditioning service person


1. Visit the site to diagnose the problem and to get the Serial No, Model No and Installation date of the faulty unit.

2. Request allocation of a Temperzone Warranty Claim Number (TZW#) by phoning temperzone Customer Service at 0800 TZWARRANTY

3. Customer Service will discuss the problem and possible causes with you. Once they have checked the validity of the claim and the unit is within warranty they will issue a TZW#.

4. Once you have a TZW# place a Purchase Order for the replacement parts ensuring you reference the TZW#.

5. Replacement parts will be invoiced at zero cost. However, temperzone will invoice at full cost if:

a) TZW# has not been obtained prior to sending the Purchase Order, b) the

b) TZW# is not referenced in the Purchase Order.

6. Retain any faulty items. Temperzone may ask for them to be returned for analysis.

7. Once the unit is repaired submit a Claim Invoice along with the temperzone Warranty Service Report referencing the TZW#, for labour, mileage and any other items used. NB. Labour limits and The Warranty Service form are published at

8. Once your Claim Invoice has been accepted and paid the faulty items may be disposed of.

9. Temperzone Ltd retains the right to: 

   a) Repair or replace the units themselves or use an agent to do so. 
   b) Invoice the replacement part at full cost if considered necessary. 
   c) Re-invoice the initial replacement at full cost if the item returned as faulty is not defective.

PLEASE NOTE: A TZW# registers your claim. It does not represent automatic liability by Temperzone Ltd. Fault finding and diagnosis by temperzone is a GUIDE ONLY as fault detail provided may be incomplete. Responsibility for diagnosis remains with the Service Company


(to be completed in full)


Indoor Unit Model No:

Serial No:

Outdoor Unit Model No:

Serial No:

Purchased from:

Installer Company:

Phone No:

Commissioned by:


Service Company:

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