About Us

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and our company to you. Over the last 12 years, I have successfully created and managed several heat pump and insulation businesses throughout New Zeland. The biggest challenge has been running and training a sales force that meets the values of the company. Sales people are both expensive to run (needing cars, petrol salaries, phones, etc.) and will do or say almost anything to get a sale.

Recently I had an idea of starting a company with a unique approach. The HeatPumpNz website contains our sales manuals, Heat Pump sizing formula and our installation quality contract that is second to none. I have put the required information to make an informed decision in your hands. We also offer phone support to help guide you through the steps necessary to make the best possible decisions, and as we don't have an expensive sale force, without taking any shortcuts, we can easily offer some of the best pricing around. "Buy online and save" is our proposition, but we are more than that.

If you have a questions, comments or just want to chat, please E-mail, text or call me. 


David Crout
Owner/Manager of HeatPumpNZ
021 0341427